The Mysterious Universe!


                                                                                                                                                      Everyday we question about so many things, but how much do we ponder about this common yet underestimated subject called Life? Have you ever sat back and thought about how and why we are living this human life? Our purpose of living with other people and experiencing a life that is different from others? Is there really something called God? Are there underground secret societies? Why do we die? Near-death experiences – what are they? What is the purpose of birth and how important time, place and location of birth is? Do stars really write our destiny or can we mend them? What happens after we die? Is there heaven and hell? Do we reincarnate? How does the brain function in all of this? What makes us who we are? Past life experiences, out of body experiences – are they all true or just stories? What’s the big bang theory? What is intuition and the sixth sense? How do some people have extraordinary skills? How to awaken the potential powers of your brain? Are we the only planet with life in this universe? If we ain’t alone, do aliens exist and do they visit us? Why doesn’t the government or media tell us about all of this? How did people in days when there wasn’t a telescope come up with accurate positions of the stars in the sky and discovered astrology? What is right and wrong and who makes these belief systems? What do ancient structures tell us? What does the Illuminati do? Why do we have to work all day and get trapped in the corporate world? What if there was nothing called as money? What really happens at the Bermuda Triangle? Banks, Hospitals, Schools – are they really for our good, always? What is a secret society and does that really exist? Why are people experiencing weird and strange happenings around the world? What is missing time? Are alien abductions and crop circles real? Is love the purpose of life? Are we here to learn lessons and advance? Religion – why were they formed? Why does the media tell us what they want us to know and not what we are supposed to know? Why do we fight for our beliefs and why do we get influenced with what is told to us? How important it is to eat right? Are movies and music changing the culture and how do subliminal messages affect us in this change? Why do earthquakes and other natural disasters occur? Is there an end to this world? What is karma? And what on earth am I talking about? Well, I know it sounds all over the place and I’m sure many may not even connect to this because it’s never occurred to them before and there may be many who think about all these things like me and maybe it bothers ‘us’ just too much at times. I will try to answer all of the above and more in the articles I’ll write now on, tagged with #MysteriousUniverse. These articles will have thoughts I believe in and I do not intend to influence any of these thoughts unto my readers. What I write on my blog are my opinions and shouldn’t be taken as the gospel truth. You are free to form your own opinions and counter question me on the comments section, need be. I will be more than happy to participate in the discussion that will only widen my scope of thinking and eventually learn more.

Till then, cheers to Life!

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