Do you always buy your Coffee Scrubs? Next time, don’t! Because they are super easy to make at home. And it won’t even take much of your time. Funnily, buying it from someplace would take more time than this homemade scrub! Most ingredients are available readily in most homes. And what’s great is that you know what goes in your scrub, so it’s 100% safe.

Remember what coffee does to your sleepy head? Well it kinda does the same to your skin! The caffeine in coffee wakes up the skin by improving blood circulation which helps reduce the appearance of cellulite to give your skin a more even toned look. Plus when rubbed in gently, the skin absorbs the antioxidant properties to prevent premature aging too! It’s a great exfoliator which will not only help remove dead skin cells to give you a smoother softer skin over time, but also keep it moisturised and supple. Alas! This scrub is not suitable for face, the results maybe a bit cruel, so please only use it for the rest of your body. And hey, this can be used by anyone. Just don’t be harsh on yourself. Gentle regular use should do the trick 🙂

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