Egg rolls are quite the popular Kolkata Street Food item. Normally made using All Purpose Flour (Maida), I’ve used a Whole Wheat Chapati as a base here, to roll the egg fillings in. I will share the flaky Maida Paratha recipe as well, if you like it that way, but the whole wheat base tastes equally good and it’s definitely the healthier of the two.

Egg Rolls can be eaten for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner or even served as a mid-evening Snack. In Mumbai, the only time I’ve tried Egg Rolls were at Durga Puja pandals which had at least one stall serving them. I haven’t eaten the authentic egg roll from Kolkata because well, I haven’t been to Kolkata but my husband, Akhilesh was born and raised there and if he said it tasted a lot like what he ate in his childhood, I guess my recipe will be a hit at your home as well.

Kolkata Egg Rolls can have different kinds of fillings, but I stuck to the very basic which has just 4 ingredients but tastes fabulous. It’s such a burst of flavours while using minimal ingredients. I don’t use Ketchup in this recipe, so this is diabetic friendly as well.  I don’t recommend using any sweet sauce even if you can eat sugar.

1 Whole Wheat Chapati or
1/2 Cup All Purpose Flour
1/4 Tsp Sugar
1/4 Tsp Salt
1 Tbsp Oil/Ghee
Warm Water to Knead

2 Eggs
1 Chopped Green Chilli
1/2 Thinly Sliced Onion
2 Tbsp Mustard Sauce (Kasundi)/ Mustard Base Pickle
Salt as per taste
Lemon Juice (Only if your Mustard Sauce isn’t Sour)
Pepper (Optional)



  • I used a plain Wheat Chapati made with just Whole Wheat Flour, Salt and Water. You need to knead this into a dough ball and roll into a wrap and place over a hot pan until both sides are brown and cooked thoroughly.
  • If you are interested in making a flaky wrap, follow the below method:
  • In a mixing bowl, add the flour, salt and sugar. Give it a mix and then add in the ghee or oil. Using your hand, mix the ghee or oil nicely, so that it forms a crumbly texture. Now pour warm water, little by little and form a soft pliable dough. Shape the dough into a ball, rub a little bit of oil and cover it with a cloth for 30 minutes.
  • To prepare the layered paratha, divide the dough into portions (if you’ve made a bigger batch of dough) and shape the portions into small dough balls. As you work with one dough ball, make sure you cover the rest with a clean cloth, preferably damp. Roll the dough ball into a very thin almost transparent chapati. The shape doesn’t really matter.
  • From the edge of one side, make small pleats by folding the rolled dough, like you’d make a japanese paper fan but one above the other, like a horizontal tower. Now swirl the pleats to form a circle. Tuck in the ends well. It will look like a distorted disk.
  • Cover and keep the dough ball for 5-10 mins and then roll it out into a big circle.
  • Let a skillet heat up and then place the rolled out paratha. Let it cook well while continuously rotating the paratha and then flip it.
  • Drizzle a little ghee, gently press and cook for another minute. Make sure to press the edges as that area takes more time to cook. Flip and cook again for a minute. Continue flipping and cooking until you see golden brown spots all over. Take it off the skillet and keep aside in a roti box and roll out the rest in a similar fashion.


  • On a skillet or pan, heat a little oil or gheed and spread it evenly.
  • Now place your Whole Wheat Chapati (Roti) or Flaky Maida Paratha in the pan. Lower the flame.
  • Now break 2 eggs on top of the Roti/Paratha and with a Spoon break the yolk and spread it out a little. You need to be quick here. If this seems difficult, you can break and whisk the eggs in a bowl and then simply pour this over the paratha.
  • Now flip the paratha immediately, so that the egg is now at the bottom of the pan and sticking to the paratha on one side. We need the egg to form a layer on the paratha.
  • Cover and cook until the eggs are cooked completely. I used a steel pan, so I had to scrape it out. It works great on non-stick or cast iron pans.
  • Flip the paratha and take it out on a plate with the egg side facing upwards.
  • Now line the Onion slices and the chopped Green Chillies in the center of the wrap.
  • Also sprinkle some Salt and Pepper Powder. Pepper Powder is optional since we’ve used Green Chillies.
  • The star ingredient here is Mustard Sauce. This gives the egg roll it’s Kolkata Flavour.
  • Drizzle some Mustard Sauce all over. I use Kasundi which has a better flavour and not the American Mustard Sauce. Kasundi can have a very strong brain freeze effect, so careful on the quantity. Add some lemon juice if the Kasundi is not sour. On days I’m out of Kasundi Mustard Sauce, I use a Special Mustard Base Konkani Pickle.
  • Now all you’ve got to do is fold and roll into a wrap and enjoy this amazing egg roll that’s quick and easy to make.
  • You can also wrap this in an aluminum foil/paper wrapper to keep the roll in place. I don’t use any.