Not long ago, I used to think that school was the place where you get all your knowledge, learning and education from, but I was wrong! How much do we really remember or apply what we learnt back at school? Sometimes even the innocent looking boy from school can suddenly turn into a gangster or the mischievous one can mysteriously turn into a priest.  Sometimes it’s really shocking how people change into something that was never really expected out of them, right? But we must remember that human beings keep evolving from time to time. Our thoughts, our actions keep changing every now and then. So what makes this happen? Is it Knowledge from school, Experience from our years of growing or lessons we learn throughout our life? It’s all of it and more! We learn everything from the greatest teacher that’s all around us – THE UNIVERSE. Of course, school is a part of this universe, but again it’s just a part and so are others too. You are constantly learning from people you know, from your surrounding nature, from the influencing people of the world and from the internet whether consciously, subconsciously or in an unconscious state. What you see, what you observe and what you read forms your belief system which shapes you into the individual that you now are but again, everything you see, hear or believe may not be true. This world is an interesting place and very few really understand their life purpose or get what it really wants us to do. This journey called life is filled with experiences that you learn from and a Philomath is someone who loves to learn even more than what just comes to them. Yes, they are the curious kind! And this blog goes to all those who are hungry to learn and have varied interests ranging from Food, Technology, Health, Spirituality, Fashion, Politics, Beauty, Culture, Art, Relationships, Travel, Photography, Science, Entertainment, Society, Lifestyle and the list is endless!  You’ll find some really serious stuff and at the same time lighthearted articles. I’ll put my best foot forward to bring to you the most interesting, controversial and awakening thoughts that I feel should be shared and if you find anything that’s not going right, please write to me on aphilomathsjournal@gmail.com.

Happy Learning!

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